Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mansion

We came across this beautiful poster in an antique shop in Weardale and instantly fell in love with it. We are happy to say it now hangs proudly on the walls of the C-front studio. 

We can't be sure of the exact date of the poster but the footer states "Auctioneers' offices - Louth, Grimsby, and Brigg - 1/10/18". The typesetting, font use and bold black and red colouring all still look great today, with a beautiful handwritten checklist on the reverse of the poster adding additional intrigue and an added visual touch. We've never been to Louth, and are not sure if 'The Mansion' is still standing, but judging by the list of Contents that were for sale back in the day, it was/is glorious.

If your from the Louth area feel free to shed some light.

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