Monday, January 30, 2012

We'll Take Manhattan

Watching BBC 4's 'We'll Take Manhattan' got us reminiscing about our most recent (and so far only) trip to NYC. The story explores the love affair between photographer David Bailey and supermodel Jean Shrimpton after they are sent to New York for a prestigious Vogue photo shoot in 1962. It was full of amazing architecture, fashion and design and so we thought we'd share a few of our photograms. As you can see, we're no David Bailey. 

Our favourite things to do in NYC:
Eat at the best place in Town, The Skylight Diner
Catch one of the weekend Flea markets
Look 'UP'. Loads of amazing signage, new and old. Loved the faded painted advertising as seen above, and we found more here 
Eat a giant pizza... and plenty of  Burgers and Cupcakes
Go to the best comic book store in New york, Midtown Comics and pick up something to read whilst you're relaxing at Central Park.

If you missed We'll Take Manhattan, you can catch it here

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